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Barcelona with a Baby

I never thought I would love a place as much as I love Barcelona. The people are so kind and friendly, the architecture is breathtaking, and the food is fantastic. When we went as a family in April of 2019, my son was only seven months old. However, in Spain and Italy children are treated like kings and queens, so it was a perfect place to take a little one.

Sandgrada Familia

We went to Sangrada Familia on Palm Sunday; which, I felt made it extra magical. The stained glass was so beautiful. I loved going on the tour because you learn about all of the symbolism Gaudi infused into the church. Even if you’re not religious, it’s a must see.

You MUST book your tickets in advance or you will most likely not be able to get into the church. When I booked our tour I thought I was booking them through an official tour guide of Sangrada Familia; however, I ended up booking them through a third party tour. The tour was fine, but the official tour through Sangrada Familia seemed more legit. So when you are booking tickets or tours make sure it is officially through their website. Enough about that . . .

For parents: Sangrada Familia is wheelchair accessible, so it’s pretty easy to take and push your stroller into the church. Also, because they regulate the numbers that go in and out at a time, it isn’t too terribly crowded. However, if you want to go into the bell tower, there is a strict age limit of 6 years old and older.

Park Guell

Park Guell is another architecture masterpiece by Gaudi. It has beautiful views of the city from up high and super cool mosaics everywhere you look. The best way to describe it is like a real life Candyland board between the colorful buildings with spires and mosaic walkways, walls, and animal statues. If you have kids, they will definitely find it magical.

For parents: Walking up to Park Guell from the metro was an INTENSE workout because it has such a HUGE hill. We later found out that there are free shuttles to the Park which I highly recommend. Park Guell itself is for the most part stroller friendly, but you can’t walk down the cool mosaic steps with a stroller and will have to take the regular cement path to see the geco and other mosaic animals.

The Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is a gorgeous gothic cathedral in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It’s architecture is breathtaking.

For Parents: the stairs in the front would be hard with a stroller.

La Boqueria Market

La Bouqueria Market is a foodies dream! Every fruit, vegetable, and meat you could ever imagine is right there in the market. La Bouqueria isn’t someplace you will want to go for dinner, but it’s a great place to get authentic street food for lunch. It’s also great for an on the go lunch. There’s awesome smoothies, fresh fruit juices, and pick up meats and cheeses in litter paper cones. For our family, we ate at the little restaurant when you first walked into the market, so I could nurse my son. While there we nibbled on chorizo, manchego, and Spanish olives. It was so delicious!

For Parents: The market is incredibly crowded and tight. Do not bring your stroller or you won’t get anywhere. I would stick to carriers and holding hands.

We were only in Barcelona for a long weekend, but we plan to go back and here are a few other kid friendly sites we plan to visit:

The Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium is located in the old harbour, which is lovely, and it is the world's most important marine leisure and education center dedicated to Mediterranean undersea life. The aquarium has a super cool tunnel in the middle of a tank, so you feel like you’re under sea with all of the fish.

The Plaza Monumental

La Monumental was the last place in Catalonia where bullfights were held. It is still a very neat piece of architecture and has a bullfighting museum with a lot of interesting artifacts from the sport.

Where to eat and drink

When it comes time to order at restaurants, I’m usually that person who says, “I’m still not sure. I’ll order last.” For indecisive girls like me, tapas are perfect. If you can’t decide between two different things, you can order both because they’re so small and you’re sharing them with your table. Here are just a few places I highly recommend:


Any of the Sensi restaurants are incredible. If it tells you anything, when we went, there were multiple tables of study abroad students on their last night in Barcelona, and they all wanted to eat there for their last meal. Plus, we loved it so much, we went to two of their locations. They are famous for their smoked salmon where they bring a plate of salmon with a sprig of rosemary lit on fire covered by a dome (see my Instagram highlights for a visual). I was also obsessed with their melted burrata and oxtail burgers. What’s nice about Sensi is you can make a reservation online in what looks like a Google Form. Also, most servers speak excellent English.

For Parents: They definitely do not mind having children in the restaurant, but they do not have high chairs.

Bar Cañete

In every article I read about eating in Barcelona Bar Cañete was featured repeatedly as one of the places to eat. We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to eat there, but it’s definitely on my list. You can make reservations online which is nice, but do them early, especially if you’re there on a weekend.

La Boqueria Market

See the info above about the market. It’s a great spot for a quick lunch or to buy amazing, unique ingredients to make a meal at your Airbnb.

The Rooftop bar at Hotel Colón

Hotel Colón has hands down the best sangria in Barcelona. It’s not too sweet, and not too much fruit floating around. We actually stayed at Hotel Colón, and we loved it. It’s right in the Gothic Quarter which is gorgeous and super convenient. It’s also right across from the Barcelona Cathedral. Their rooftop bar and pool are breathtaking because you just stare at the gorgeous cathedral and other gorgeous architecture. We loved it there because we would put our baby down for a nap, turn on the baby monitor, and head up to the rooftop.

Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast was included with our hotel, but my friend Juliette lived in Barcelona and recommended Mama’s Cafe and Singular. Both have great reviews online and the pictures of their food looks amazing.

I also found this article incredibly helpful for places to eat because it tells you where the local go:

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