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When I was a snotty, book worm of a high school student, I took French class because I was determined to someday live in France and write, like two of my favorite authors Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  In my head it seemed so romantic and inspiring to just sit at a cafe, drinking espresso, and pouring my heart into my work. Fast forward 15 years, a lot of my vision has changed, but many of my dreams are now coming true.  I’m now married, with a cute baby and dog. Also, thanks to my husband’s super cool job, I’m expatriating in France.

Although I’m not writing a great American novel like originally envisioned 15 years ago, I hope to document this exciting time in my life and help my fellow peers.  Whether you love to cook, or go for long runs, or traveling with or without small kids, or an expat trying to figure out your new life in a new place, I hope this blog helps you on your journey.  

Expatriating to a foreign country, no matter the location, is not for the faint of heart.  It takes an open-mind, dedication, and a tremendous amount of faith. You have to be open-minded because things are not going to be like your home country, there is no comparing the two, and you must have an open-mind to your new country and lifestyle.  Dedication while expating is key because from getting your visa to finding a place to live it’s not going to be easy, but it’s so worth jumping through the hoops. Last but certainly not least is you have to have faith while on this crazy journey. Faith in yourself that you will adapt and thrive in your new country. Faith in your spouse that you are in it together through thick and thin. Faith in your children that they can handle eating, sleeping, and even pooping (toilets are kind of weird in foreign countries) in a foreign land. Faith that everything is going to work out as it should because God’s plan and timing for us are far greater than our own. I hope to be a beacon of hope for other expats reading my blog that your life does feel like a rollercoaster at times, but it’s a beautiful ride.


Since a young age, I have loved traveling.  Being a bookworm, my favorite thing to do in a bookstore as a kid was go to the travel section and look through the various travel guides and find new places I wanted to visit. I love traveling because you get to experiencing new cultures, seeing how other people live, and of course eating the food the area is known for making.  This love for travel was one of the ways I knew my husband was “the one.” Traveling with him was like going on an adventure with my best friend that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I hope to pass this same love for travel on to our son like my parents passed on to me. My aspiration for this blog is that it may be the travel section of the bookstore in your life.  That you will find awesome locations you want to visit and/or great ideas for when traveling with your children.

Cooking and running seem to go hand in hand with one another in my life for more ways than one.  First, because I love to cook, usually I need to go for a run afterwards to burn some calories. I cook therefore I run! Second, for as long as I can remember my forms of release and expression from whatever in my life (good or bad) was through cooking and running. I love the satisfaction I feel plating a beautiful meal made with love, yet there is nothing that compares to the clarity you feel when you hit your stride.

My dreams to be like Hemingway and Fitzgerald are finally coming to fruition with French with a Southern Accent.  I hope y’all will subscribe and follow me on this exciting journey.

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